Meadowlake Membership Options - Enid Golf

Whether you have been golfing your entire life, or you have just begun to appreciate this classic game, Meadowlake offers a membership option that suits your needs. Our unique course layout and friendly staff ensure that each and every one of our members will enjoy perfecting their game on our grounds and perhaps lingering afterward in our comfortable clubhouse atmosphere.

We encourage you to request a tour of our facility, and we welcome any questions or concerns that you may have. For additional information about pricing and membership opportunities, please fill out this form or call us at (580)234-3080. We look forward to hearing from you.

Membership Options

  • Individual
  • Senior
  • Additional Family Member
  • Junior
  • Corporate Memberships are also available (minimum of 3 to qualify).
Annual Memberships (July 1 - June 30)
(Taxes Included)
Memberships   Unlimited 

Individual   $1,309.20 $109.10/month
w/cart   $2,182.20 $181.83/month
Couple   $1,636.50 $136.38/month
w/cart   $2,727.50 $227.29/month
Senior   $1,036.45 $86.37/month
w/cart   $1,827.43 $152.29/month
Senior Couple   $1,527.40 $127.28/month
Senior Couple w/cart   $2,618.40 $218.20/month
City Employee   $763.70 $63.64/month
w/cart   $1,636.50 $136.38/month
City Couple   $1,145.56 $95.46/month
w/cart   $2,236.56 $186.38/month
Corporate Memberships (3 min)   $1,091.00 $90.92/month
w/cart   $1,963.80 $163.65/month
Military   $1,091.00 $90.92/month
w/cart   $1,963.80 $163.65/month
Junior   $300.03 $25.00month

Ask us about our new Automatic Monthly Withdrawal Program